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0 October 24, 2002
Volume 33 Number 5
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Librarian at Large

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From Alchemy to Zoroastrianism

Considering library materials budget reductions in recent years, you may be surprised to find that the library has recently added tens of thousands of new and classic books in an incredibly wide variety of subjects. We don't have room for these huge collections in the library, so we're putting them right in your office or home. No, that doesn't mean you have to clean the garage, because they are electronic books, also known as e-books.

These additions include collections the CSU system has purchased, such as netLibrary, a collection of nearly 5,000 books that represent the cutting edge of scholarly, reference, and professional works from leading academic and professional publishers. The new History E-Book Project from the American Council of Leaning Societies provides 500 major scholarly works in all fields of history, including the history of technology. These collections and online reference books, such as the Grove dictionaries of art and music, are included in our online catalog. You might find them among the results of a catalog search. You can also search them directly at or;cc=acls;page=simple respectively.

If you select "Books, Electronic" or "E-Books" from the "Resources A-Z" of the Library ReSearch Station you will discover that the books included in our catalog are merely a tiny tip of a veritable electronic iceberg page The Electronic Books aggregator page provides access to more than a hundred electronic book collections divided into eight general categories: Major Sites, Classics, Computer Books, Foreign Languages, Literature in English, Philosophy and Religion, Poetry, and Other Subjects. Eagle-eyed library Web manager Kathy Glanville discovered "the mother of all e-book pages" at the University of Texas. We have adapted it for local use by excluding the subscription databases owned by UT, including those purchased by CSU, and adding some old favorites.

Please note that "free" collections typically include documents in the public domain, and they vary greatly in terms of content, use restrictions, and methods for reading, downloading, or printing individual copies. You can read them directly from your computer, without a Pal specialized reading device. Some may require you to register, but none require any fees. Many are labors of scholarly love, and, since love doesn't always pay the bills, donations are appreciated.

We hope that these collections will be useful, and we encourage you to peruse what's available. If you know of other worthy collections to include, please contact me at Happy e-reading!

Jim Dwyer, Library Acquisitions

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