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0 Febraury 13, 2003
Volume 33 Number 10
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Librarian at Large

It’s in the Where?

Jim Dwyer, Library Collection Management

Jim Dwyer, Library Collection Management

A quick perusal of the back cover of this publication will reveal that faculty members all ’round our fair campus conduct a wide variety of research activities. This research is frequently presented in books, journal articles, conference papers, or reports of various types. Some faculty members may assume that the library will automatically obtain copies of their work. We make every reasonable effort to do so, ordering two copies of any books written by our faculty members that we are aware of. Unfortunately, not every book is reported to Inside Chico State or Chico Statements, and some may be listed months after publication. We’d appreciate it if you’d let us know in advance by filling out a book order online at Please indicate in the notes area that it is a Chico State faculty publication.

Some book contracts may include anything from a few copies to a whole box of free copies for the author. Given the less-than-robust state of the library materials budget, we’d appreciate it even more if you happen to have an extra copy or two to donate. In addition to a sincere “thank you,” you will receive a tax deduction.

The “grey literature” of sponsored research conducted for various government agencies, nonprofit organizations, scholarly societies, etc., that is recorded in something other than book or article form can be more difficult to identify and obtain. These reports are not always widely published or distributed, but they may be of great interest to other faculty, students, or community members. This is especially true of material about the Northern California region. If you have extra copies or can tell us where copies can be obtained, we can make them more readily available to the public. Selected Web sites are included in our online catalog and include live links to the material. If your work is on the Internet or in some other electronic form, please e-mail Julie Rankin ( to let her know the correct Internet address and other pertinent information.

So send us the results of your word toils, your spoils, the cardboard crates in your drafty garage, your studied insights yearning to be read, the golden nuggets of your teeming minds. Send these, the written, peer-reviewed to us. We’ll hang your lamp within Ted Meriam’s door! (Apologies to Emma Lazarus and the Big Torch Lady.)

Jim Dwyer, Library Collection Management

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