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0 February 5, 2004
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Sara Trechter

Sara Trechter
Photo by Jeff Teeter

Linguist Sara Trechter Selected 2003–04 Outstanding Teacher

Professor Sara Trechter, Department of English, was selected by the Faculty Recognition and Support Committee as the 2003–2004 Outstanding Teacher.

Trechter received the award based on her commitment to teaching, her enthusiasm for her subject, and consistently high evaluations from her students. Lynn Elliott, chair of the Department of English, said, "Since her arrival in 1995, Sara has taught extra courses, created new courses, invited speakers to enrich instruction at CSU, Chico, and offered presentations on teacher training."

Trechter received her Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Kansas in 1995. Her fields of specialization include Native American languages with an emphasis in Siouan languages, gender and language, and comparative/historical linguistics. She did field work on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 1993, recording and transcribing conversations of native Lakota speakers.

Trechter is praised by her colleagues not only for her expertise in her field of specialization, but also for her broad knowledge in the field of linguistics and for her ability to create and teach new courses. In addition to Principles of Language and Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition, two courses Trechter regularly teaches, she has taught more than a dozen other courses, including Language and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Language Policy and Linguistic Ideology, and History of the English Language.

Elliot said, "Comments from faculty and students are laudatory, emphasizing Sara's ability to create a student-centered, scholarly, and challenging classroom environment." In letters of support for Trechter's nomination, students used terms such as "inspirational," "rigorous but fair," "challenging," "clear," "patient," "lively," and "funny."

Trechter has a book, Gendered Voices in Lakota, forthcoming as part of the series Studies in Anthropological Linguistics, edited by William Bright, Oxford University Press. She has published 17 articles and reviews, presented papers at 27 professional conferences, and made numerous department and teacher-training presentations.

Other awards she has received include a Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching grant to establish an English as a Second Language Resource Center, a California State University Research Award, the Mary R. Haas Book Award from the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of America, a Summer Scholars Foundation Grant, and an Affirmative Action Development Grant.

"Sara's involvement goes far beyond courses taught in the English department. Her talent, insights, energy, and commitment to teaching have spread throughout the university and into the surrounding community colleges and high schools," said Elliott.

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