Spring 2004 Internal Research Grants Competition Grants are available for assigned time, operating expenses, travel funds, and summer stipends to support research, scholarship, and creative activities through three programs. CSU research for fall 2004, spring 2005, or summer 2005: Full assigned time for one semester and/or minigrants up to $5,000, which may include up to .2 assigned time, and/or one- or two-month stipend for summer. Faculty development for fall 2004 or spring 2005: Modest support for .2 assigned time and/or operating expenses. Research Foundation Summer Scholars for summer 2004: Five awards of $4,000 each are available. Application deadline is March 23, 2004, 4 pm, 25 Main Street, Room 104. For application forms and program descriptions go to www.csuchico.edu/gisp/sp/irg. For more information, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at x5700.}