New A.S. Bookstore Associate Director

Deborah Lemmo is the new associate director of academic support for the Associated Student Bookstore. She oversees the textbook and general book departments. Lemmo takes the place of longtime employee Bob Paolone, who retired in November. She previously worked in Portland, Oregon, as a staff development/training manager at a company that installed software at college bookstores, and has been in the college bookstore industry for 15 years. "[This] campus is one of the nicest I have ever been on," said Lemmo, who started her new job in January.

'Plumb' Loco and Other FMS Adventures

Big plumbing problems recently in Ayres Hall. "It seems someone has been stuffing paper towels in the toilets on campus," said Don Sleeper, Facilities Management and Services. "An eight-foot section of sewer pipe was filled, causing a sewage backup in Ayres." Sleeper described "six inches of liquefied sewage"—we won't even go there. FMS crew also on Nettleton Stadium patrol: plaster and paint on the north side is under assault from people "using whatever they can swing," said Sleeper. Keep your eyes open and report suspicious activity to FMS.

Museum of Anthropology Teams with Academy of Sciences

In January, the Museum of Anthropology collaborated with the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to present an evolution workshop, with hands-on training for 35 middle and high school Chico Unified School District teachers. Teachers were introduced to learning games on principles of evolution such as genetic variation, mutation, adaptation, and natural selection. The resources and materials to create these lessons are supplied in a library lending kit, which the Museum of Anthropology now has for teachers to borrow. Director of the California Science Project of Inland Northern California and biological sciences professor Beverly Marcum assisted in getting the word out to teachers. This summer, the Museum of Anthropology will provide an intern to work with the academy's education department.

Center for Study of Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights

This month, 65 Elk Grove School District teachers participated in the first training for university credit offered through the State Center for Excellence on the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights, and Tolerance. Under the auspices of the center, Sam Edelman and Carol Edelman, director and associate director of the center, with the help of experts from around the state and in-kind support from the State Department of Education, have trained 300 teachers since January 2003. Their task is to provide California teachers with the training and knowledge to teach students about the Holocaust, genocide, human rights, and tolerance. A bill is on this year's legislative agenda to make the center, located at CSU, Chico, permanent and operational throughout the state.

New Java House in BMU

Common Grounds is a new coffeehouse in the lower level of the Bell Memorial Union. Besides coffee and specialty beverages, you can purchase bakery goodies and made-to-order sandwiches. Common Grounds is open 7:30 am until 10 pm, Monday through Thursday, and Friday until 5 pm. A.S. Presents will host entertainment Friday evenings, beginning Feb. 28 with Sweet James.

Annual Staff and Faculty Art Show

This year's staff and faculty art exhibition will be held April 5 through May 20; entries will be displayed in Kendall Hall. Artists must submit a notification form to Staff Council by March 26. This nonjuried exhibition is open to all employed or retired staff and faculty at CSU, Chico. Work in all media is eligible. Call Staff Council at x6156 for more information.

CSU, Chico's Very Own Peace Corps Rep

Justin Spence was hired in September as a resident Peace Corps representative. "There's been a fantastic response and a lot of support both on campus and in the community," said Spence. "We've had several highly qualified applicants for this year." There are 22 CSU, Chico alumni and nonstudents from the Chico area serving in the Peace Corps. Spence and his wife served as Peace Corps volunteers in Eritrea, on the Horn of Africa, and in the Solomon Islands for two years. Spence's office is in the Research Foundation building at 25 Main Street. Spence was hired with the help of a grant submitted by the Office of International Programs to the Peace Corps. CSU, Chico has had 504 graduates serve in the Peace Corp since 1961.