Outstanding Honorees for Service and Advising

Spear recognized for length and breadth of his service

Paul Spear, chair of the Department of Psychology, has been selected for the Outstanding Service Award for 2003–2004. For a span of almost 34 years, Spear has given of his time, expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to his students, department, college, university, and the CSU system.

Spear came to CSU, Chico in 1970. He completed his Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in developmental psychology in 1968 from the University of Denver. From 1968 to 1970, he was an assistant professor at San Diego State University.

In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in developmental psychology, Spear has been a vital participant in the work of his department since his arrival on campus. He served on the Child Development Program Committee for 33 years; chaired 17 master's thesis committees, as well as serving on numerous others; and has served on recruitment, personnel, and faculty merit increase committees.

Spear has been chair of the department since 1998. In that role, he provided leadership and support for the department's recent successful five-year review. "Every department goes through the review process, so its completion may not seem remarkable. But in my tenure as dean at CSU, Chico, I have not seen any department present as thorough and thoughtful a set of review materials, draw on the expertise of their consultant as effectively, and consider the implications of their self-study," said Jeanne Thomas, dean of the College Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Spear has been involved in the Academic Senate since 1978, serving two terms as senate chair and participating on key standing committees, including chairing the Faculty Policy Committee for three terms.

He served for 15 years, from 1984 to 1999, as a statewide academic senator. This involvement allowed him to help shape and communicate the goals of higher education to various educational organizations at the local, state, and national levels. "His efforts have consistently been focused on providing the students of California with a challenging education that broadens their horizons, increases their appreciation of their own culture and other cultures, and enhances their appreciation of diversity," said Thomas.

He served as the chair of the Task Force on Intellectual Property and Fair Use of the statewide Academic Senate and was a joint author of Intellectual Property, Fair Use, and the Unbundling of Ownership Rights (2003). "For this work alone," said Sam Edelman, who served on both the CSU, Chico Academic Senate and the statewide senate with Spear, "he deserves the Outstanding Service Award."

Gayle Hutchinson, chair of the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science, has served with Spear on the Academic Senate's Education Policies and Programs Committee for seven years. Her description of what she learned as a rookie senator through watching Spear is characteristic of the contributions he has made through mentoring many new faculty: "[I learned to] investigate thoroughly and examine the impact a proposal may have on curriculum at all levels; pay attention to state, community, and campus politics, for each will affect the workings of the university; and to keep students in the forefront of all your thinking."

In 500 words, it is impossible to summarize the thousands of hours of service, nor to do justice to the magnitude of Spear's impact on his colleagues and the university. Through surveys, interviews, and letters, faculty and staff have established a common evaluation of his leadership, said David Winzenz, professor of psychology, who sums it up in this way: "Paul is a trusted administrator of a large and somewhat unwieldy department, a sensitive solver of any problems that visit Modoc Hall, and, most of all, a beloved colleague."

Kathleen McPartland

Narad created systems for advising

Richard Narad, selected as Outstanding Adviser for 2003–2004, fulfills the axiom, "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it." In addition to receiving recognition for his contributions to students, his department, and the university for his advising, he was also honored in January as an outstanding program director. (See page 2.)

Narad has been at CSU, Chico in the Department of Health and Community Services since 1990. Since 1991, he has been the coordinator of the Health Services Administration Option within Health Science. With that role came the advising of students in the option and minor. In addition to his advising duties, Narad also supervises students in their internships, keeps contact with alumni, and initiated the student chapter of American College of Health Executives on campus and has been its adviser since its inception.

Narad is all the things, according to his advisees, that a good adviser should be: caring, available, a good listener, and knowledgeable. Two of his former advisees, in letters of nomination, spoke of the "life-changing" influence he has had on their lives: "Dr. Narad changed my school career, my life, and his advice will assist me in the future," said one former student.

"First and foremost, Rick loves to advise students and often talks about the satisfaction he gets from it. And the students like him. Not only is he competent, but also he cares about their well being," said Armeda Ferrini, department chair.

Jane Rysberg, who also wrote a letter of support, said that Narad goodnaturedly complained about gaining weight from all of the candy that students brought him. "I remember thinking," said Rysberg, "that he must give very good advice!"

Over and above the advising he has given to countless students in the last 12 years, the last three without release time, Narad developed two- and four-year plans for the department long before it was initiated at the university level. He also developed a personalized grid that he uses in his advising sessions for individuals who do not fit the four-year plan. He calls it the "automated advising system," and students walk away from his door, said Ferrini, with an individualized plan for graduation.

Narad also developed the department's Web page to provide easy access to advising materials, including a page on Web links for health career searches. He is also responsible for the HCSV link page of legislation, documents, professional organizations, and Web sites to assist students in their research.

In addition to coordinating the Health Services and Emergency Medical Services Administration programs, Narad is vice chair of the department. He received his M.P.A., with a specialty in health services administration, and his D.P.A., with a specialty in health policy, from the University of Southern California. His research interest is public policy regarding the organization and management of emergency medical services systems. Prior to coming to Chico, Narad was an emergency medical services administrator and consultant. He is currently chair of the American Society for Testing and Materials committee on emergency medical services.

Kathleen McPartland