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October 7, 2004 Volume 35/Number 2

BSS Interim Dean Still Happy in First and Only Job
Katy Thelen, industrial hygienist and environmental program coordinator, evaluates situations that could cause physical or environmental stress, and helps to correct them.

How Mentoring Plays a Crucial Role in Student Success
Charles Turner, Political Science, asks whether the complexity of the ballots keeps voters away from the polls, and suggests that each of us become an expert on the issues we care about and seek advice from experts on the others.

Civil War Historian James McPherson Comes to Chico
The chemistry department has a new spectrophotometer, thanks to the generosity of Advanced Light Technologies, a local company that explores the uses of various kinds of light to accomplish a variety of tasks, including killing bugs.

1st Fall Peace Festival
October 17–26
There are two more arboretum tours left in this semester. Visitors on the tour enjoy the privilege of hearing Wes Dempsey, professor emeritus from biology, share his vast knowledge of plants, trees, and their history on the CSU, Chico campus.



Orion Nation's Best Again
For the third time in five years, The Orion has been named the nation’s best college newspaper by the National Newspaper Association

Tales from Africa,
part 2

10th Anniversary CELT Conference

Earl R. and Marilyn Kruschke Underwrite Piano Restoration

James Sterba on Just War Theory, Iraq, and Terrorism


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