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Grading and Commenting on Student Work

Whether we're talking about the often uncomfortable task of assigning a final grade on a piece of work, writing feedback on an exam, or simply facing huge stacks of papers, that part of teaching is at the least very demanding and at the worst frustrating or even agonizing. The articles offered below explore the dilemma of responding to and assessing student work, and share practical strategies and suggestions. The annotated bibliography includes additional techniques, including some assignment- and discipline-specific ideas.

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_______ "Do Teachers' Comments on Students' Papers Help?"

A study of the effectiveness of different kinds of feedback on students' revision strategies. Recommendations made.

_______ "Effective Feedback on Written Assignments"

Discussion of content comments and mechanics comments. Suggests a hierarchical structure of commenting.

_______ "Holistic Grading of Written Work in Introduction Psychology: Reliability, Validity, and Efficiency"

Suggests criteria for efficiently scoring essay answers and short paper assignments. Applicable to any discipline.

_______ "Making Grading Less Painful"

Ideas on scoring exams and laboratory assignments.

_______ "What is Evaluation?: Making Distinctions"

Distinguishes between assessment, evaluation, and grading, and discusses the goals, components, and uses of each.

_______ Selected Bibliography: "Grading and Commenting on Student Work"

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