Marian Baldy, Agriculture, had her article, "Teaching Wine Appreciation at a U.S. University," published in the International Cookbook Review trade journal, Volume II, No. 7 & 8, May and June 1997 issue, pages10-14.

Stuart Van Auken, Chair, Deptartment of Finance and Marketing, co-authored "Student Satisfaction with Group Projects: An Assessment of Key Relationships" published in Proceedings of the Western Marketing Educators' Association in Scottsdale, Arizona, August 17-19, 1997.


Marian Baldy, Agriculture, presented "Lesson Planning for Wine Educators," a session for the Society of Wine Educators National Conference in Orlando, Florida, August 1997. She was re-elected as secretary on the board of directors.

Tony Graybosch, Philosophy, received one of 4000 grants given to students and teachers for world travel, research, and teaching. Previously in Israel, then Hungary, Graybosch will be in Poland this 1997-1998 academic year under the Fulbright program and is one of 1600 Americans to receive such an opportunity to promote understanding between Americans and other cultures.

Rick Hannemann, Communication Design, now heads the task force on establishing an accrediting agency for four-year degree programs in graphic communications. Dedicating three years to this goal has resulted in a standards manual and set of incorporating bylaws along with a council made up of eight members from industry and eleven from education. Institutions as large as Rochester Institute of Technology and as small as CSU, Chico are being represented. Hannemann was elected first to the board, then as its chair.

Carolyn Brown Heinz, Anthropology, is presenting "Evolving Subjectivities in Mithila Art." This lecture is open to the public and will be held at UC, Berkeley in association with the exhibition, "Baua Devi and the Art of Mithila," at the UC, Berkeley Art Museum on September 26.

Alan Jackson, Recreation and Parks Management, presented "Experiences as a Single Parent" to the U.S. Army, Japan, Single Parents Support Group. CSU, Chico student David Jackson was a co-presenter. "The Importance of Higher Education and Today's Teen Problems" was another presentation Jackson gave with CSU, Chico students Lisa Sussman and Mallory Hestor to the U.S. Army Camp Zama Teenage Convocation. Jackson was an adviser to the Youth Services School Age Program at Sagamihara Housing Youth Center during his ten-week stay in Japan. He received an award of excellence from the Directorate of Community Activities, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation in Zama, Japan, for "exceptional professionalism, initiative, technical expertise in fostering a sense of teamwork and pride with those with whom he worked."

Jennifer Meadows, Communication Design, is one of eighteen chosen to attend the Tenth Annual Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation Faculty Seminar, November 12-14 in Burbank. She is faculty adviser for Milk Crate Productions, run by Media Arts students.

Paul L. Moore, Vice President for University Advancement and Student Affairs, has been appointed chair of the Committee on Policies and Purposes, the think tank of the American Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Aiping Zhang, English, was a special guest on The Voice of America's hour-long radio show, "A Dialogue with America," introducing American literature and answering questions from callers all over China. He also presented a paper, "Can the Twain Meet through Acculturation?: The Cultural Hybrids in James Fenimore Cooper's Leather Stocking Tales," during the week of July 7, at the 11th International Conference on James Fenimore Cooper, sponsored by the James Fenimore Cooper Society and SUNY, Oneonta. He was also invited to speak at the Cooper Seminar, a summer program at SUNY, Oneonta and Cooperstown. <

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