Richard Critchfield, Richard Demaree, and graduate student Steven Tinling, Biological Sciences, published an article describing a new species of trematode in the liver of a whale in the Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington, 64.

Mary Portis, Health and Community Services, published her article "ADHD In Physical Education" in the May-June 1997 issue of Strategies.

RP Raghupathi,Accounting and Management Information, guest edited a special section on Health Care Information Systems in the prestigious journal, Communications of the ACM. He also published in the August 1997 issue, an article on "Health Care Information Systems."

Stuart Van Auken, Finance and Marketing, co-authored with Arthur J. Adams, "An Assessment of the Validity of Shopper Intentions in Retail Store Selection," which will be published in Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, San Diego, California, November 22-25, 1997.

David Wood, Biology, published a review of the book "Null Models in Ecology" by N. Gotelli and G. Graves in the journal Sociobiology.

Marian Baldy, Agriculture, presented "Lesson Planning for Wine Educators," a session for the Society of Wine Educators National Conference in Orlando, Florida, August 1997. She was re-elected as secretary of the board of directors.

Debbie Burgess, Esther Larocco, and Cecilia Silva, were presenters of "Curricular Conversations: Articulating Instruction in Bilingual Classrooms through Literacy Strategies and Reconceptualization of Themes" at the meeting of theCalifornia Association for Bilingual Education in San Diego. Larocco also presented "Classroom Processes in a Two-way Immersion Kindergarten."

Judith Kerrins, Educational Administration and Leadership, has been appointed to the editorial board of the American Association of School Administrators publication, The AASA Professor. Her appointment began January 1, 1997 and ends December 31, 1999. The international publication read by AASA and faculty members in educational administration and leadership programs.

Silvia Pellarolo, Foreign Languages and Literatures, gave a public lecture "Performing Melodrama/Performing Gender in Modern Argentina," sponsored by the UC, Berkeley Center for the Theatre Arts, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and the Beatrice Bain Research Group, of which she is an affiliated scholar.

James Postma, Chemistry, was co-author of the fourth edition of Chemistry in the Laboratory, a textbook for the University General Chemistry Laboratory Setting. It is a best seller at over 100,000 copies.

Sara Trechter, English, co-organized with Justine Cassell, MIT, and conducted a series of "Survival Skills in Academia" workshops as part of the Linguistic Society of America's Summer Institute at Cornell University, June 23- August 1. Trechter also presented "Comparative Gender Morphology in Siouan Languages" at the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of America Conference, July 4-5.

Katherine Lemke Waste, Communication Arts and Sciences, has received congratulatory recognition for her leadership in the debate program from the Cross Examination Debate Association, which has chosen one of her students, Sue Lowrie, to be part of their All American Team.

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