Sponsored Projects

The purpose of this monthly column is to let you know about the work of the Office of Sponsored Programs and the assistance available to faculty and staff. I also plan to share exciting successes and new opportunities as they come along.

Most of you know what the Office of Sponsored Programs does. For those of you, however, who are new to the campus or unfamiliar with our work, the office provides broad support for faculty professional development, including extensive assistance with grant proposal and contract development. Sponsored Programs also manages the campus's CSU Research, Summer Scholars, and Faculty Development award processes.

As testimony to the success of grant/contract development at CSU, Chico, last year submitted over 320 applications for external funding. Of those, 250 were funded, a success ratio of over 75 percent. They totaled over $20.5 million. These projects, including research, technology transfer, training, demonstration, and direct service all add value to our academic mission, enhancing instruction while providing faculty, staff, and students with the opportunity to work in the "real" world in their respective fields. In sum, these projects support scholarship and currency in one's field, ingredients essential to maintaining excellence in the classroom.

The examples of externally supported projects that significantly impact CSU, Chico are too numerous to mention, but one outstanding example is the group of specialized teacher-training projects on campus. These programs include mathematics, geography, bilingual education, special education, and agriculture. Leading-edge programs concentrate on evaluating, redesigning, and testing new strategies for education and curriculum content. The University is now conducting all eight projects of the Californian Statewide Curriculum Content Programs covered under Senate Bill 1882.

In addition, community programs for school-age children, supported by grants and contracts, include the Healthy Chico Kids 2000, School Health Fairs, speech and hearing clinics, and school watch programs. Programs designed to bring underrepresented populations into postsecondary education. These programs include the Upward Bound projects, Talent Search, Teacher Diversity, Migrant Education, and the Minority Engineering Program.

As I said, these are just one set of projects out of dozens, but it should give you a sense of the variety and scope of the grant-funded work being done.

For more information about funding opportunities and grant development assistance, please call the Office of Sponsored Programs at x5700 or visit our home page.

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