Janet Levy Center Receives National Foster Grandparent Grant

The Janet Levy Center is the only California recipient of one of twenty-five national grants from the Corporation of National Senior Service Corps to set up a Foster Grandparent Program in Butte County. The $240,930 grant will support sixty-four foster grandparents and volunteers.

This inter-generational program will tap into the experience of retired persons by linking them as mentors and nurturers of children and youth in Head Start Programs, K-3 students in elementary schools, and special groups in the community such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, Parent Education Family Centers, and Youth for Change.

The Butte County Foster Grandparent Program will initially develop sites in elementary schools (grades K-3) in the Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Thermalito, and Biggs/Gridley school districts and at the Four Winds of Indian Education, as well as with the groups mentioned above.

The Foster Grandparent Program provides opportunities for seniors age sixty and older to interact on a one-to-one basis with youth. Volunteer grandparents provide twenty hours of weekly service. In return, they receive modest tax-free stipends, meals during service, and accident and liability insurance while on duty.

Terry Donnelly from the Leadership Team of the Janet Levy Center said, "This program recognizes the special gifts of retired persons as the `elders of the community'and gives them a role of nurturing and guiding the young into becoming contributing members of society."

For more information on the Foster Grandparents Program, call the Janet Levy Center at x5923.


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