From the Library of the Literacy & Learning Program

To order copies of the articles listed, print this form and mail in the order form below. If you would like to browse through the LLP library, or if you'd like articles on a particular aspect of teaching and learning, contact the LLP coordinator, Elizabeth Renfro, in Sutter 245 (x6319). If you have articles on teaching and learning that you think would be of interest to your colleagues, please send us a copy or a full citation so that we can add them to the LLP library.

Lecture Strategies

Most faculty would agree that lecturing is a useful teaching tool. That lectures have been used for hundreds of years of educational practice doesn't make the strategy outmoded—nor does it make it guaranteed effective, no matter how much one knows about one's field. As with any approach to teaching, there are a wide variety of "tricks and techniques" that successful lecturers and learning theorists have developed. The articles LLP offers this month present a range of strategies to increase student interest and involvement, improve students' retention of course content, and provide a gauge of student learning—before instructors are faced with disappointing exams or term papers.

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