Architecture Option Now at CSU, Chico

The Construction Management Department has added a new Architectural Project Management degree option to its existing CM degree. This option, approved by the Academic Senate in spring 1997, involves a four-year study of architectural design, structural design, construction, business, and law.

This new option is a logical evolution for the existing construction curriculum. It will prepare graduates for career opportunities with architecture, or construction management firms that utilize the proactive, design-build method of delivering professional services. It is estimated that, within three years, more than half of all commercial contract work in the United States will utilize the design-build methods. The graduates of the new degree option at Chico will be arriving in the market place with perfect timing.

This option includes twenty-one new courses that develop architectural design skills and include basic design, project design and development, architectural history, CAD, structural design, and related professional practice topics. These courses are complemented with a variety of construction management topics including cost estimating, cost controls, value engineering, scheduling, business, and law.

Mike Borzage, Construction Management said, "This really is the wave of the future. We are not going to replicate what other architecture schools do and do well; we are going to prepare students to be the architect/builders that the industry is calling for."


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