Local Heros

Rocky Comfort
Rocky Comfort, Plant Operation, works with
PIC students in the library. (photo by BAS)
Rocky Comfort of Plant Operation volunteered for a special assignment this past summer training a crew of seven high-school age Private Industry Council students as part of their Summer Youth Program. The crew, under Comfort's direction and the overall supervision of Jim Jessee, Academic Planning and Operation, and Don Sleeper, Plant Operation, cleaned the classroom furniture, bathrooms, stairs, and much more.

Comfort said that the main part of his job was training the students in the social etiquette of working in a public setting. For almost all of the students, this was their first job. They needed to learn how to enter an office and talk to secretaries, how to behave as a crew while on campus, and how to treat each other. The students, from several different ethnic backgrounds, related that learning about different kinds of people was one of the more interesting and valuable benefits of their experience.

As far as the job skills themselves, the students agreed that they had learned more about removing chewing gum from the bottoms of chairs than they would ever need and that each of them had their favorite cleaning equipment and spray bottles. They learned to get up with an alarm clock and show up at work.

Comfort helped the students establish an easy team spirit. They liked and trusted him. "I like the part of my job that puts me in contact with students, so this was a natural choice," he said.


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