Gail Corbitt, Accounting and Management Information Systems, and Lauren Wright, Finance and Marketing, have had their article, "New Approaches to Business Process Redesign: A Case Study of Collaborative Group Technology and Service Mapping," published in 1997's 4th Quarter Decision and Negotiation Journal. Graduate Mark Christopolus is a co-author.

Curt DeBerg, Business, has had his monograph, "Service-Learning in Introductory Accounting: A `Free Enterprise' Model," accepted for publication in the forthcoming November 1997 Learning By Doing: Service-Learning and Accounting Education, by the American Association for Higher Education.

Stuart Van Auken, Finance and Marketing, presented "Across-Versus Within-Class Comparison Advertising: Insights into Prestige Class Anchoring," a working paper published in Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Association for Consumer Research, Denver, Colorado, October 16-19.

Aiping Zhang, English, had Enchanted Places: The Use of Setting in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Fiction, published by Greenwood Press as the second book in its "Contribution to the Study of American Literature" series. It is the first full-length study of an essential but relatively uncultivated part of Fitzgerald's artistry: his use of urban and domestic settings.


Steve Adams, Richard Lea, and Lee Pryor, Accounting and Management Information Systems, received the 1997 AAA/IMA James Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education at the National American Accounting Association meeting in Dallas. Their award recognizes development of a semester's course work based on a case study involving a multinational firm, high manufacturing overhead, and foreign sales.

Sylvie Beaudette and Jan Roberts, Music, along with Bay Area soprano Nanette McGuinness, comprise The Athena Trio, a group chosen from among nearly 100 proposals to perform at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Fifth Festival of Women Composers International to be held March 18-21, 1998. The trio will perform music from American and Canadian composers Louise Telma, Libby Larson, Jean Coulthard, and Nancy Telfer.

Samuel M. Edelman, Communication Arts and Sciences, has been selected as the Hampton Press Rhetoric Series editor. He has also been appointed to the editorial board of Shofar, the Journal of the Mid West and Western Jewish Studies Associations and to the Communication and Religion, Journal of the Religious Speech Communication Association, as an associate editor. Also, last June Edelman traveled to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany with twenty-six other Holocaust scholars and conducted a three-week study on concentration camps. The extended seminar was sponsored by the Holocaust Education Foundation.

Charlotte Ekland, Latin American Studies, presented "La fotografia como texto en Tinisima" on the Mexican author Elena Poniatowska, at Jornadas Metropolitanas de Estudios Culturales 1997 conference in Mexico City last July. She also presented, "Laughing at the Hierarchies of Authority: Maluco: La novela de los descubridores by Napoleon Baccino Ponce de Leon," an analysis of the Uruguayan novel, at the Annual Conference of the International Society for Luso-Hispanic Humor Studies in Philadelphia, September 1997.

Frank Li, English/English as a Foreign Language, presented a paper he co-authored, "A Cross-Linguistic Examination of Causative, Intensive, and Reciprocal" at the International Language Typology Conference at the University of Oregon, September 11-14. The examination of seventy-five genetically unrelated languages in the world led to a hypothesis of these meanings forming a unidirectional grammaticization chain brought about by the bleaching of semantic features of force and control over time.

Dan Toy and Lauren Wright, Finance and Marketing, were research fellows at Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand, January-July 1997. They also presented several papers at the American Marketing Association International Conference in Dublin, Ireland, last June and at the Frontiers in Service Conference at Vanderbilt University on October 3, 1997.

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