Claire R. Farrer, Anthropology, has had her article "Who Owns the Words?" a consideration for NAGPRA legislation in relation to the spoken and recorded word, selected for a new volume of Implementing the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act; this book will be published by the American Association of Museums in its Professional Practice Series.

Bonnie Hallman, Geography, published "Housing the Rural Elderly: A Place for Abbeyfield?" co-authored with Alun Joseph, Geography, University of Guelph, Canada, in the Journal of Housing for the Elderly. It will be simultaneously published as a chapter in Shelter and Service Issues for Aging Populations: International Perspectives.

Roland Lamarine, Health and Community Services, published his chapter "Caffeine as an Ergogenic Aid" in The Caffeine Handbook, CRC Press.

Frank Li, English/English as a Foreign Language, co-authored a refereed journal article, "The Diminutive-Intensive Suffix-Kan in Oroqen," with Lindsay J. Whaley of Dartmouth College, which has been accepted for publication in the Journal Studies in Language.

John F. Long, Communication Design, published "Public Television: The Struggle for an Alternative," as a chapter in the book The Broadcast Television Industry.

Charles M. Price, Political Science, published "Initiatives and the Courts" in the California Journal, XXVIII, October 1997.


Laird Easton, History, presented "The Birth of the Red Count: Harry Graf Kessler on War and Peace, 1916-1921" at the German Studies Association annual conference held in Washington, D.C., at the end of September 1997.

Jean Gallagher, Art and Art History, installed her Six Tulips, a multi-media art exhibition at the Art Department Gallery of Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, October 20-November 7.

Pam Johnson and Julie Indvik, Management, presented their paper "The Organizational Benefits of Helping Domestically Abused Employees" at the Allied Academies International Conference held in Maui, October 14-17.

Christine M. Rodrigue, Geography and Planning, was one of thirty-three participants invited to the Emerging Technologies/Distribution Planning roundtable, hosted by ALS Technologies and Chase Manhattan in Monterey, October 9-10. The roundtable brought together high-level executives from major banks, geographic information systems, and database companies and university geographers to discuss applications of spatial analysis, GIS, and the Internet in the financial services industry. The preparation of geography students for positions in this facet of the industry was also discussed.

Margaret E. Trussell, professor emerita, Geography and Planning, is profiled in the 4th edition of Marquis' Who's Who in Science and Engineering.

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