Admissions Has New Assistant Director

Lupe Martinez

After six weeks on campus, Lupe Martinez hasn't seen much of her Sutter Hall office. She's hardly been loafing, however. As the new assistant director of Admissions at Chico State, Martinez has been traveling the recruitment circuit, bringing high energy and fresh perspectives to the University's recruitment process.

Martinez, who has worked in admissions for both Oregon State and the University of Oregon, admits she wasn't looking for a new job in California when the opportunity to apply at Chico State arose. But when someone sent her the job description for the opening, it was so appealing that she felt she just had to apply.

The recruitment circuit Martinez has been traveling is one of the primary methods used by Chico State to recruit new admissions, and runs for approximately ten weeks from October through mid-November. During this period, members of the admissions staff visit various high schools and colleges across the state in an attempt to recruit students to the University.

Chico State's official service area spans approximately 30,000 square miles, from Chico to the Oregon border, and east to the Nevada border. Martinez said one of her jobs will be to evaluate these areas to determine what factors contribute to a student's decision to transfer to Chico State.

Along with evaluating current trends in recruiting, Martinez will be exploring recruitment strategies and assessing what needs to be done to attract more students. Other duties will include meeting with students and families on their visits to campus, and helping with other admission programs on campus, like Freshman Admission Day and Transfer Preview Day. She'll also be making visits to various high schools to evaluate and stabilize enrollment trends.

Martinez said that she hopes to bring new perspectives to the process. "One plan is for more focused recruitment," she said. When asked what qualities she brought to the job, she said, "I bring a lot of energy and innovation." She added that coming from a different state and having worked in a different university setting has given her an outside point of view that she believes will be a positive influence on the admissions program and Chico State.

Martinez said the biggest challenge she has faced so far is being new to the area and not knowing where anything is. But, she said, she works in a wonderful office with a very congenial staff. "I've had a great welcome here," she said. "I've already been made to feel very at home."


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