CETI: Some Questions Answered

The partnership negotiations the CSU system has entered into with GTE, Fujitsu Business Communication Systems, Hughes Global Services, and Microsoft Corp, called California Educational Technology Initiative Corporation (CETI), are still in the planning phases, and the date for signing a master services agreement has been moved to January. Sub-agreements will be negotiated to meet individual campus infrastructure needs.

The new partnership will take an active role in providing up-to-date information technology to campuses not possible under current state funding.

Numerous forums and informational meetings have been held on campus to discuss and gather input from faculty, staff, and students. Some of the questions asked have campuswide interest and are addressed below:

Why is the agreement being settled so quickly?
The Systemwide Internal Partnership has extended the timeline for signing an agreement. The revised schedule breaks the process into three parts.

• Decision Framework—November 1 through January 27, 1998.
Three organizational entities legally formed; Infrastructure build-out plan endorsed; Financial plans approved; Master services agreement signed.

• Implementation—January 28 through June 30, 1998. Legal and organizational entities operational. Infrastructure build- out initiated. IT professional development plan established. User training and support services plan developed. 4Cnet plan operational.

• Operationalization—Beginning July 1, 1998. Infrastructure build out continues. User services plan operational.

It is possible that more time may be provided beyond the currently planned January date for initial contract signing.

Is the September business plan the final agreement?
CSU campus representatives and the corporations are in the process of developing the CETI partnership plan which will replace the initial proposal. By December 1, the review drafts of the first components should have been posted to the website, http://its.calstate.edu/.

Will we all be forced to use the same brand of computers, e-mail, software, and telephones?

No. Both PC and Macintosh platforms will continue to be supported, and campuses will continue to use the equipment that best meets their needs. For example, Microsoft Exchange will be implemented for the faculty and staff e-mail messaging, and Netscape will become the messaging system for students. It is also possible, however, that the CETI plan eventually will make standardization an option that is the most economical choice.

What does this partnership mean for our students?

The CETI partnership is intended to ensure that students will be able to gain competitive advantages through computing and networking resources. The CSU's objective has long been that campuses be able to provide all students access to networked computing at any time and from any place.

Is Chico State involved in the planning process?

Fred Ryan, Beverly Taylor, Ron Pike, Dave Abbott, Bill McGinnis, and recently Dick Trimmer and Greg Tropea are involved on various SIP/CETI planning committees. All encourage feedback from the campus. In addition various constituency groups with Chico representation have become more directly involved.

How can we learn more about what this means to our campus?

The partnership is still in the planning phases, but Chico State will continue to provide as much information as is available.

• VCR and audio tapes of the October 23 forums with the representatives from SIP/CETI and the CSU Chancellor's office are available at Information Resources, MLIB 338.

• Forums to discuss the partnership will be held regularly.

• Information will continue to be placed in the e-mail announcements, Information Resources' Electronic Access, and Inside Chico State.

• Information Resources has a Web page that will have regular updates and a place to make comments and ask questions. The Chancellor's Office SIP/CETI Web page is here.

Linda Post and Vicky Banes, Information Resources

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