Lynn Elliott, English, and William Johnson, Theatre Arts, have had their dramatic adaptation of Another Child's Christmas in Wales accepted for publication. The play premiered at CSU, Chico December 1996, and will be represented by Drama Associate of Wales, Cymdeithas Ddrama Cymru.

Silvia Pellarolo, Foreign Languages and Literatures, is the author of the chapter "Una paradoja multicultural: el XI Festival Iberoamericano de Cadiz en el contexto de la globalizacion de las culturas" in the collection Del Escenario a la Mesa Critica, edited by Juan Villegas and compiled by the Irvine Hispanic Theater Research Group, of which she is affiliated scholar.

Becky Cox White, Philosophy, and Cecilia Silva had their article, "Diversifying the Curriculum: A Moral Imperative," published in the International Journal of Inclusive Education, 1997, vol. 3.


Alph Delta Omicron, the local chapter of Phi Alpha Theta of the National Honor Society in History, was awarded a Special Commendation for 1997 Best Chapter Award Program.

Aaron Bor, Communication Design, presented "Using the Internet in the Canadian Studies Classroom" and "The ACSUS Web Site After One Year On-Line: Analysis and Reassessment" at the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States biennial conference held in Minneapolis, November 1997.

Simon Goberstein, Mathematics and Statistics, presented the lecture "Partial Symmetry, Inverse Semigroups, and Groupoids" as part of San Jose State University's Department of Mathematics Colloquium Series, November 1997. His lecture dealt with the characterization of the structure of an object by the inverse semigroup of its partial symmetries.

Eric Mazur, Religious Studies, presented "Producing and Maintaining the Sacred at the Heart of the Constitutional Order" at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion National Meeting, Nashville, November 1997. He also presented two papers at the American Academy of Religion National Meeting in New Orleans: "The Shifting Meaning of Ethnicity in a Sephardic Synagogue" and "Homer the Heretic and Charlie Church: Blasphemy, Piety and Pluralism in The Simpsons." The latter will appear as a chapter in an upcoming volume co-edited with Kate McCarthy on religion in Contemporary American Culture.

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