Becky Moore and her daughter, Bianca Marinho at American
Language and Culture Institute’s Christmas gathering.

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore, academic coordinator of the American Language and Culture Institute, died in a traffic accident on December 24, 1997 along with her daughter, Bianca, and son, Marcus.

Becky Moore had worked for ALCI since 1991 as an instructor. She was a native of Nebraska and received her B.A. from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She lived in Brazil for fifteen years and spoke fluent Portuguese. She was enrolled in a master's program at CSU, Chico to further her career as a teacher of English to non-native speakers.

Bianca was a student at Butte College who had recently enrolled at CSU, Chico. Marcus was a student at Northwestern University.

Survivors include Moore's former husband, Sergio deSousa Marinho of Fortaleza, Brazil, brothers Thomas and Marcus, sisters Marianne and Debra, and mother, Mildred.

Sharon Sarraj, director of the American Language and Culture Institute, delivered the following remarks as part of a eulogy for Moore and her children.

In honoring Becky's memory, it is difficult to decide which aspects of such a multi-faceted person to emphasize. It is a given that any tribute will be incomplete that it would take a very long time to extol all her virtues. Graciousness, perhaps, is the first virtue that comes to mind. Her welcoming smile and voice always made people feel special and appreciated. And her genuinely cheerful and optimistic yet thoughtful approach to life's events was a gift to each of us. She was generous in every way—with her time, her moral support, her knowledge and experience—even her lunch, if need be.

Calm and quiet courage is another characteristic Becky possessed in full. The courage to state her beliefs, to take a stand, and to do what was necessary to support what she felt was right. This is a combination rare to find.

The three of them together were a closely knit family unit.

Becky left a rich legacy to this world. For over twenty years she worked in international education and during those years she planted seeds of knowledge, hope, and inspiration in thousands of individuals. Although we can't know precisely how those seeds grew, we know that people all over this world were able to achieve beyond what they had imagined because Becky took the time to listen to them, to give words of wisdom, and to show compassion and support. This gift of time and understanding shared with so many individuals has insured that her legacy to the world is, indeed, a rich one and that it reaches every corner of the globe.

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