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Writing to Learn

Writing across the curriculum, active learning, and problem-based-learning research have verified what most of us learned in our own education: Writing can help one discover meaning as well communicate knowledge. Current pedagogical approaches have focused on clarifying why and how writing can function as a tool for learning. One key finding is that carefully designed informal writing assignments, variously labeled "expressive," "speculative," or "workaday" writing, are especially effective in prompting students to think more creatively, critically, and analytically. Further, such writings, because of their informal nature, need not result in time-intensive labor for teachers. The articles offered on writing to learn discuss learning goals that such activities can support and present general and discipline-specific examples, plus "low-impact" techniques for providing feedback to the students.

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# of copies (3 max) Title

_______ "Introduction" & table of contents from The Journal Book. Gives an overview of the nature and uses of expressive writing in journals across the disciplines, plus basic guidelines.

_______ "Mentoring, Modeling, Monitoring Motivating: Response to Students' Ungraded Writing as Academic Conversation." Examples of write-to-learn assignments and grading/response suggestions.

_______ "Conceptual Learning and Writing in the Sciences." Describes "clustering," a writing strategy to organize thoughts during/after reading, lecture, or discussion.

_______ "Writing Assignments_Pathways to Connections, Clarity, Creativity." Specific examples of writing assignments to "explore initial attitudes," "activate prior knowledge," "clarify, organize, and summarize," "establish connections," and improve critical and creative thinking.

_______ Selected Bibliography: "Writing to Learn."

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