Janelle Gardner, Nursing had the article "Rattlesnake Bite" published in Nursing `97, and a second article, "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome—Recognition and Intervention," published in the November/December 1997 issue of The American Journal of Maternal and Child Nursing.

Gayle Kimball, Sociology and Social Work and Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, has just published her eighth book, 21st Century Families. The book, available in February from Equality Press, addresses the challenges working families face.

Gwen Sheldon, Social Science, co-authored an article, "Applicability of the Engineering Design Process Theory in the Apparel Design Process," published in the winter 1998 volume of Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.

Ted Singelis, Psyschology, had the article"Pancultural Explanations for Life Satisfaction: Adding Relationship Harmony to Self-Esteem" published in the the November 1997 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Co-authors are Virginia Kwan and Michael Bond (at the Chinese University of Hong Kong).

P. Willey, with Alison Galloway of UCSC and Lynn Synder of the Smithsonian Institution, published "Bone Mineral Density and Survival of Elements and Element Portions in the Bones of the Crow Creek Massacre Victims" in the December 1997 issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.


Jon Hooper, Recreation and Parks Management, taught the "Natural Resources Communication Workshop" on campus January 12-16 to natural resource professionals from Alaska, California, Florida, and Ohio. The workshop was aimed at improving participants' audiovisual communication capabilities. Hooper also presented a paper entitled "What Do the Animal Activists Want?" at the Safari Club International's twenty-sixth annual convention in Reno in January. His presentation focused on the role the ethics of hunters will play in the future of hunting.

Walt Schafer, Sociology, published the article"Religiosity, Spirituality, and Personal Distress Among College Students" in the Journal of College Student Development, November/December 1997.

Greg White, Anthropology, has been appointed the managing editor of the Society for California Archaeology Newsletter. The Newsletter, founded in 1966, will be headquartered and produced here on campus by the students and staff of the Archaeology Laboratory.

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