Shauna Quinn Receives Staff Council Scholarship

Shauna Quinn accepts the Staff Council Scholarship from
Jeannie Graham, chair of the Service Projects Committee.
(photo KM)
At a Staff Council meeting on February 10, Shauna Quinn, project manager of the Campus Drug and Alcohol Education Center (CADEC), was awarded the Staff Council Staff Scholarship worth $250 towards her education.

Quinn,who is no stranger to awards, has been recognized by the Butte County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board for her dedication to stopping substance abuse and by the University Foundation for grant writing. "It is a real honor to be recognized by my fellow staff members," said Quinn. "It's also great motivation to keep focused on this project and finish it."

Quinn has dealt with many alcohol-related problems in her role as project manager of CADEC. Because of her interest in student alcohol use, Quinn is writing her master's thesis on the correlation between first-time students' adjustment to college and their alcohol use.

Quinn hopes that studying this correlation will give her some insight into why alcohol is so appealing to first-time students, how they develop drinking patterns that carry into the rest of their college lives, and what can be done to affect their choices.

"If we can understand what causes their behaviors in the beginning, we can help change them, in turn, changing the campus climate altogether," said Quinn.


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