More Computers Placed on Faculty Desktops

More than 110 new computers will be placed on faculty desktops this spring with the second round of purchasing through the Faculty Computing Project. Over $242,000 has been committed to this round of the project.

The computer hardware standards are put together by a subcommittee of the Target 2000 Committee and include both PCs and Macintoshes (although industry trends continue to reinforce the committee's position that an IBM-compatible PC rather than a Macintosh should be purchased unless a specific functional reason exists).

The Target 2000 Committee reviewed the specifications for the hardware and further recommended that the University purchase the IBM-compatible PCs with the Windows NT operating system instead of Windows 95. This change should provide a more stable and robust platform for the emerging software and messaging applications planned for the campus. Putting satisfactory computers on desktops across campus is an imperative because newer software like Windows 98, Office 98, and the new messaging systems plus "Year 2000" issues will require adequate computers.

Although faculty desktop computing is only one component of an electronic learning environment, networked desktop computers are required for faculty members to incorporate relevant technology into their teaching, research, and overall curriculum design. With the addition of this year's purchases, the Faculty Computing Project will have installed more than four hundred new desktop computers over the last three years.

Linda Post, Vicky Banes, Information Resources

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