Charles Geshekter, History, with Assemblyman Bernie Richter co-authored "Testimony on Preferences in California Schools" in Academic Questions (Winter 1997/98).

Judith Raftery, History, had "Western Urban History Comes of Age," a review of The Metropolitan Frontier by Carol Abbott (University of Arizona Press) and Magic Lands:" Western Cityscapes and American Culture after 1940 by John Findlay (University of California Press), published in the September 1997 Journal of Urban History.


CSU, Chico Ethics Bowl team ranked seventh in the National Ethics Bowl competition, February 26, 1998, in Dallas. Team members included students Chad Augur, Philosophy, Bette Week, Social Science, and Mark Bourgeois, Religious Studies. Becky Cox White, Philosophy, is the faculty sponsor.

CSU, Chico co-sponsored the "Lilly-West Conference on College and University Teaching" at the UCLA Conference Center, March 1998, and sent a team of nine individuals to participate in the program. Dale Steiner, History, and Booke Moore, Philosophy, presented "They're Not Cheating, They're Learning," a session on the use of group quizzes to enhance student learning. Jim Morgan, Management and Assessment Programs, Sara Armstrong, Office of the Provost, and Jeanette Alosi, Institutional Research, presented "Knowing...REALLY KNOWING Your Freshman Students," a session on the use of focus groups to assess and enhance student learning. Provost Scott G. McNall, Kathy Fernandes, TLP, Bill Post, Academic Resources, and Marilyn Winzenz, Provost's Office, presented "Projects to Enhance Quality & Productivity in Learning and Teaching." Lilly-West is one of seven Lilly conferences on college teaching held this year in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Charles "CC" Carter, coordinator of Multicultural Programs in Student Activities, was honored as this year's Outstanding Black Professional at the Eleventh Annual Black Achievement Awards sponsored by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and held on March 7 at the CARD Community Center. Maeve Anderson, Associated Students Information Center coordinator, received the Outstanding Service Award for 1997-1998.

Charles Geshekter, History, gave a talk, "The Diversity of African History vs. the Racial Mythology of Afrocentrism," at the annual conference of the National Association of Scholars, New Orleans, December 14, 1997. Also, as consultant to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, he conducted a seminar, "Somali Refugees," at the INS Asylum Office in Los Angeles on January 21, 1998.

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