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Teaching and Technology

As university faculty, we must not only keep abreast of new developments in our various disciplines, cope with academic commitments, and create learning environments for our students—we must also keep up-to-date with educational technology. The articles discuss technology and explore ways to integrate it into course work. Our bibliography covers a variety of technologies, e.g., the Internet, new uses for Post-It notes, and distance learning.

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_______ "The Politics of the Interface: Power and Its Exercise in Electronic Contact Zones" Critiques politics and ideologies of computer interfaces. Offers tactics to enact a "radical pedagogy of electronic borders."

_______ "Using Electronic Tools to Promote Active Learning" Provides basic background on e-mail, conferencing, WWW. Discusses course objectives, computer sophistication, etc.

_______ "Using Technology in Education" Discusses how to use e-mail, WWW sites, bulletin boards, and the Internet.

_______ "Reliable Internet Addresses" Lists ten sites with valuable information on history, science, English, and more.

_______ Selected Bibliography: "Teaching and Technology"

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