Arts, Events, and Speakers

Thursday, May 21

Tour Galleries and Campus Museums Walking Tour, Museum of Anthropology. Noon-1 p.m., Langdon 301.

Friday, May 22

Commencement Graduate School, 7 p.m., Laxson.

Saturday, May 23

Commencement Colleges of Business, Communication and Education, and Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology. 9 a.m., University Stadium.

Event African-American Special Ceremony. 1 p.m., Neighborhood Church.

Event Latino Special Ceremony. 2 p.m., Laxson.

Sunday, May 24

Commencement Colleges of Agriculture, Behavioral and Social Sciences, International Programs, Humanities and Fine Arts, Natural Sciences. 9 a.m., Laxson.

Saturday, June 6

Lecture "Holistic Healing with Reiki." Pat Cougar, R.N. 3-4 p.m., Chico Museum.

Academic Information

Through July 22

TRACS course request period for 1998-99.

July 15

Last day to file for EDFA for fall/spring 1998-99.

August 9

Last day to clear all holds and enroll in minimum units.

August 24

Fall semester classes begin.

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