Retired Professors: A Rich Resource for the University

Retired professors move, stay around Chico, do research, teach, tutor, publish, compose music, direct musical groups, announce on radio, and do many more things, too numerous to mention.

Early this year, the Chico State Retired Faculty Association surveyed those on their mailing list of 176 retired professors. Over two-thirds responded. Their interest in keeping in touch with the University was strong. Retired professors from Florida, Idaho, Mexico, Oregon, and Hawaii said this, even though noting that attending on-campus meetings made a difficult commute.

Thirty-three of them would be willing to serve as an information resource for students and faculty. A number of them mentioned teaching, tutoring, and guest lecturing in classes.

Thirteen offered to be on a speakers' list for on- and off-campus events. Twenty-two were willing to serve or were actually serving on master's degree committees in their area of expertise. Thirteen reported current involvement in research.

Retired professors did not fall into a pattern when they taught; they don't now. It is the hope of the Retired Faculty Association members that the University, faculty, students, and community will continue to value the retired faculty as a rich resource and make even better use of them in the future.

Jim Lindsey, president, Chico State Retired Faculty Association

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