CSU, Chico Wins Human Powered Vehicle Competition

Mechanical engineering students from California State University, Chico's College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology took first place, May 2-3, in the annual Human Powered Vehicle Competition sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The contest, held in Denver, involved teams from twenty-nine other colleges and universities competing to see who could build a type of bicycle that excels in design, road racing, and sprint racing attaining speeds in excess of 40 mph.

Other competing schools included Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; UC, Davis; UCLA; SUNY, Buffalo; University of Colorado; University of Utah; University of Kansas; University of Hawaii; and the Air Force Academy.

The winning CSU, Chico human powered vehicle, called an HPV, was ranked second in the design competition, third in the sprint races, and first in the road race that requires both male and female riders. The combined scoring resulted in a first place for CSU, Chico.

CSU, Chico's HPV, named Mocha III, is pedaled by a cyclist lying on his or her back. Participating schools also enter tandem vehicles for two cyclists.

The last time CSU, Chico won overall was 1987, when CSU, Chico set the collegiate speed record of 57.7 mph.

Eighteen CSU, Chico students worked on the HPV project, and thirteen traveled to Denver.


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