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Over the past year, Information Resources has achieved numerous goals in fulfilling Target 2000, the technology plan for the campus. Supporting computer use, student labs, training, library services, and communications assists the university in providing students with the best possible learning opportunities.

Accomplishments for the campus in the last year include the following:

• The Meriam Library was one of the first libraries in the CSU system to initiate the new Web-based gateway to the catalog, subject indexes, and abstracts. Electronic collections include more than 2,000 magazines and journals. On-line reference assistance and tutorials are available.

• Two new e-mail and messaging systems were chosen to facilitate communications and document exchange between computer platforms and users. Migration to Netscape for students and Microsoft Outlook Exchange for faculty and staff will continue through the fall.

• The Faculty Computing Project put 110 new computers on faculty desks last spring. This year's funding will bring additional computers this fall.

• The Instructional Media Center and the Technology and Learning Program are creating a New Media Center, one of only 100 in the world. The New Media Center will act as a repository for digital information for the entire CSU system, and provide services for distance learning, video teleconferences, and training in teaching methods using technology.

• A video conference on WebCT was held by CATS, the CSU Consortium of Academic Technology Staff, with personnel in Chico's Technology and Learning Program in the forefront. Chico personnel also took the lead in presenting at the CATS conference held in Sonoma.

• Computing Services converted the IBM mainframe to an OS-390 operating system, making Chico State a leader in the CSU for operating system and related product currency.

• The Year 2000 task force is working to mitigate the impact of year 2000 on campus technology.

• The Information Technology Training program offered 355 workshops last semester in computing applications, media, and Web topics. Up to 800 individual requests for training classes are received each semester.

• The Instructional Media Center is working on contracts to produce training programs, videos, and manuals for state agencies including the departments of Forestry, Motor Vehicles, Employment Training, Health Services and Justice. Students learn real-world skills while working on these projects.

• The Instructional Media Center has ten master classrooms with multi-media technology and six presentation classrooms on line.Three classrooms were upgraded this summer.

• The Technology and Learning Program has provided assistance to faculty in bringing new methods of teaching to the classroom. Last semester more than 550 syllabi were on Chico State's Web and 40 faculty members were using the FirstClass communications package to communicate with 2,200 students.

• The Student Computing Program provides a staffed 24-hour computer lab in Meriam Library and several other open access labs on campus. More than 2,500 students took advantage of the free training workshops last semester.

• The free student modem service 25-hour limit has proven successful in providing adequate user access while lessening busy signals. Last semester 3,465 students were using the free service.

Information Resources provides technology information to faculty, staff, and students. Links are available from the Information Resources Web page (

Vicky Banes

Information Resources

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