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Learning Styles

Designing teaching strategies that both allow and require the student to take an active role in her learning can be frustrating since approaches that are very effective for one student may not be effective for another, no matter how committed each student. Looking at the diversity of learning, or cognitive, styles among our students can "provide practical ways of thinking about learners and learning that seem to help many college teachers conceptualize their instruction" (Bruning, "The College Classroom from the Perspective of Cognitive Psychology"). The articles below offer both overviews of cognitive/learning styles and application suggestions to teaching. Order Form

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_______ "The College Classroom from the Perspective of Cognitive Psychology" Discussion of "categories of knowledge and their acquisition" and applications to teaching.

_______ "Designing Classroom Experiences Based on Student Styles and Teaching Styles." Description of various cognitive models and their implications for teachers and students.

_______ "Technology Education and the Cognitive Revolution." Applying cognitive science to teaching technological team work, communication, and problem solving.

_______ "Brain Difference Research and Learning Styles Literature: From Equity to Discrimination."Authors discuss research in cognitive styles & warn against what they label "new eugenics."

_______ Bibliography: "Learning Styles"

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