Jim Dwyer, Library, authored the "Word of Mouth" column for Library Journal, June 1998.

Duane Knudsen, Physical Education and Exercise Science, published "Analysis of Three Test Durations of the Bench Trunk Curl" in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and "Stretching: Science to Practice" in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Knudsen has been invited to write a review for a special issue of the journal Quest.

J. Rhoads-Peterson and Neveda Jane Hanners, students in the English Department's creative writing program, are both recipients of the Associated Writing Program 1998 Intro Award for their Intro Journal Projects. Rhoads-Peterson's "The Tree Heaven," in Fiction, and Hanner's "Villa Real de Santo Antonio," in Poetry, will appear in selected journals, including Mid-American Review and The Metropolitan Review.

Dave Waddell, Journalism, had "When a Student Ends a Wounded Silence" accepted for publication by the Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning. Based on his 1994 master's thesis in English, this work argues that students can derive therapeutic benefits from disclosing personal trauma in a writing assignment and that teachers should carefully con-sider their appropriate role in any such transaction.


Jim Dwyer, Library Bibliographic Services, will present "Women Hold up Half the Snub-nosed .38s: Ecofeminism in Detective Fiction" at the annual conference of the Western Literature Association in Banff, Canada in October, and "Consortial Review and Purchase of Electronic Resources: The CSU Experience" at the Internet Librarian Conference in November.

Madeline Keaveney, Communication Arts and Sciences, presented "Beginnings and Endings" and "Personalizing Large Lecture Classes" at the 18th Annual Conference of the Society of Reaching and Learning in Higher Education, Mt. Allison University, Sackville in New Brunswick, in June.

Christine M. Rodrigue, Geography and Planning, an invited participant at the 23rd Annual Hazards Research and Applications Workshop in Boulder, July 1998, spoke to the Floods and... Floods of Studies panel on the 1998 El Nino-attributed floods and mudslides in Southern California and presented the paper "Social Construction of Technological Hazard: Plutonium on Board the Cassini Orbiter" at a poster session.

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