Frank Li, English, had the article "Revisiting Tungusic Classification from the Bottom Up: A Comparison of Evenki and Oroqen" accepted for publication in Language, the leading refereed journal in linguistics. This article is one of the major publications stemming from the National Science Foundation-sponsored research project on four Tungusic languages spoken in Inner Mongolia and Siberia and is co-authored with Lindsay Whaley and Lenore Grenoble of Dartmouth.

Mary Portis, Health and Community Services, had her article"Stop, Drop, & Roll: A Lifesaving Physical Education Lesson" published in the September/October 1998 issue of Strategies.

Charles M. Price, Political Science, has published the article "Initiatives and Dollar Signs" in California Journal, August 1998 and is a co-editor with A.G. Block, of the California Government and Politics Annual, 1988-99.


Bill Evans, Technology and Learning Program, co-presented "Cooperative Projects for New Media Center Members" at the June New Media Center Conference in Boston. The session focused on ways the 101 New Media Center member institutions could establish an active Internet-based on-line community and foster increased collaboration and cooperation on projects, grants, and multimedia-related initiatives.

Bill Evans, Kathy Fernandes, Sean Kane, Pat Lang, Laura Sederberg, Kevin Weherly, and David Welton, Technology and Learning Program, produced and offered a videoconference on WebCT(Web Course Tools), through the Consortium of Academic Technology Staff, in July. The event drew more than 180 CSU faculty, staff, and students. WebCT facilitates the creation of World Wide Web-based instructional materials for entire on-line courses, or supplements existing courses.

Bruce Grelle, Religious Studies and Religion and Public Education Resource Center, participated in a nationwide series of public hearings, "Schools and Religion," conducted by the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

Silvia Pellarolo, Foreign Languages and Literatures, presented the paper "Revisiting Selena" as a participant in the Ninth International Conference of the Asociacion de Literatura Femenina Hispanica, co-sponsored by Arizona State University.

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