Turon Muradís Brother Ferid Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

Ferid Murad has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work with nitric oxide and its impact on the human body. Ferid Murad, 62, is the older brother of Turon Murad, Anthropology, and one of three Murad brothers, each successful in his own right.

Ferid Murad, who holds both a Ph.D. and an M.D., now works at the University of Texas Medical School. He has had a very productive career in both research and teaching. Although it was his intent after graduating from medical school to practice medicine, opportunity kept him in pharmacological research and teaching..

The whole Murad family worked hard in the family restaurant in Indiana. The elder Murads, themselves uneducated, were intent on providing an opportunity for work that their sons would love and that would take them beyond the world of steel mills which surrounded them. "Our father wanted us to love our work. And, indeed, each of the three of us is passionate about what we do: Ferid about his pharmacological research, our other brother about his work in dentistry, and, of course, I love my forensics research and work," said Murhad.

Although it is certainly the highest and the best-rewarded, the Nobel Prize is not the only prestigious award Ferid has received. In 1996 Ferid received the Albert Lasker Award, often an indicator of who will be nominated for the Nobel.

Turhon Murad and his family are ecstatic about the news and plan to travel to Sweden in December with other members of the family to be at the ceremony when Ferid receives the Nobel Prize."


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