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Active Reading

Current educational research and pedagogical approaches stress involving students in critical thinking as they read. "Active reading," with its use of write-to-learn techniques, can play an important part in moving the student from the passive role of "sponge [to] an active role as learner in acquiring knowledge" (Alternative Teaching Strategies. . ."). The reading activities discussed in the articles listed below may be adapted to fit any discipline and may be made as complex or informal as an instructor chooses to make them.
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_______ "Active Reading Trilogy." A mini-packet of three very brief articles: "Alternative Teaching Strategies: The Case for Critical Thinking;" "Demystifying Historical Authority: Critical Textual Analysis in the Classroom;" and "The Role and Purpose in Reading." These techniques may be adapted for any discipline.

_______ "Short and Sweet Assignments that Combine Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Thinking." Suggestions include reading journals, double-entry notebooks, and micro-themes.

_______ "The TASK of Reading (and Writing) Arguments: A Guide to Building Critical Literacy." Describes TASK (Thesis, Analysis, and Synthesis Key) a program which teaches students how to recognize and challenge claims in essays.

_______ "Words to the Whys: Crafting Critical Book Reviews." Discusses how to prepare students for reading; what is needed in a summary. Lists twenty questions which may be used in forming a critique of any book.

_______ "Focused Dialectical Notes." Use assigned course readings to teach students how to analyze academic texts.

_______ Bibliography: "Active Reading"

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