ECTíS Remarkable Success

ECT Dean Ken Derucher and Jerry Hight,
Office of Sponsored Projects (photo DA)
During the last four years, the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology has achieved remarkable success in acquiring external funds for faculty projects, instructional improvements, specialized equipment—reaching a level which deserves recognition and praise. Dr. Kenneth Derucher, dean of the college, and Jerry Hight, from the Office of Sponsored Programs and half-time director of business development for the college, with the ECT faculty, have developed extensive contacts in business and industry, including relationships with leading high technology companies. The results of this work have led to funding for projects for the college, its faculty, and its students, which help to promote ECT academic programs as among the best in the nation. Recent grants include the following:

Recycled Tire to Levee Project, $609,000. Project Directors: Rovane Younger, Richard Holman. Funded by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

IBM Software Development Project, $900,000. Project Directors: Orlando Madrigal, and Ken Derucher. Funded by IBM.

Simulation and Modeling Project, $100,000. Project Directors: Roy Crosbie, and John Zenor. Funded by AB Technologies and the U.S. Department of Defense.

High-Precision Machine Tool Project, $400,000. Project Directors: Mike Ward, Ray Rummell, and Dirk Vanderloop. Funded by Makino Machine Tools/Spectra Physics.

Dean Derucher has developed a clear plan for Sponsored Programs activities, a strategy for follow-through, and an attitude which has led to this success. This attitude has been one of relentless effort, research, follow-through, and steadfast negotiation by the dean and Jerry Hight.

Procuring external resources is especially important at a time when state assistance for new equipment lags years behind the academic need. The College of ECT's success is also significant given this university's rural geographic location—far from the metropolitan centers of business and industry. All of this work has led to record award levels for the college. Last year alone, ECT was awarded $8.2 million in Sponsored Programs support. By contrast, four years ago, the college had approximately $2.3 million in annual Sponsored Programs activities, an increase of over 356%!

Congratulations to Dean Derucher, Jerry Hight, and the faculty and staff of the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology for the leadership and enterprise they have demonstrated by their pursuit of external support.}

Robert J. Bakke, associate director, Office of Sponsored Programs

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