"Electrucks" Unveiled

Don Sleeper and Gary Campbell, Support Services, and Tom
Nickelson, Taylor-Dunn, admire the Electruck. (photo KM)
Two new Taylor-Dunn electric trucks were delivered to the corporation yard at Facilities Management and Services on November 4. The new electric trucks are zero-emission and extremely low in cost to run and maintain.

Don Sleeper, Support Services manager, was the moving force behind the new truck acquisitions. Sleeper said, "I convinced Bill McGinnis and Don Graham that this was the way to go. It wasn't hard, as these trucks are economical, environmentally sound, and less invasive than the combustion vehicles we've been using."

The trucks are comparable in purchase price to the pick-up trucks currently in use, and the plan for the future is to shift to all electric as the old pick-ups wear out. Although relatively small, the trucks can carry loads up to 1,500 pounds and all of the ladders and equipment routinely used for maintenance and support services.

The new trucks' top cruising speed is 18 mph, and they can run off one charge for thirty hours. This makes them perfect for the eight-hour shifts on campus. They can be returned to the electric stations (110 volt outlets) each evening and recharged.

"It's the wave of the future," said Sleeper, and Chico State is riding it! KM

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