Raymond J. Bogiatto, Biological Sciences, had "Nesting Ecology of Ducks at Eagle Lake, Lassen County, California" published in a recent issue of California Fish and Game.

Clark Brown, English, has published About Chico, a collection of essays written over almost twenty years, which he describes as "an intermittent history of Chico, Ca. 1975-1996."

Michele Shover, Political Science, had Chico's Lemm Ranch Murders: The Anti-Chinese Campaign of 1877 recently published by the Association of Northern California Records and Research.


Kathy Bristow, Career Planning and Placement, was awarded the Adguide's Employment Website Award for excellence. The placement Web site is part of Adguide's family of job sites known as Adguide's College Recruiter Employment Site and serves as a link between candidates seeking employment and prospective employers. Bristow, a placement counselor to Behavioral and Social Science, Humanity and Fine Arts and Natural Science majors, created and maintains the site.

Michael Critchfield, Michael Murray, and Michael Quiner, Users Services, co-authored a paper, "Exchange Your Outlook — A University Migration Or: The Outlook's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades," detailing CSU, Chico's migration to a Microsoft Exchange/Outlook e-mail messaging system, which was accepted for publication by the Association of Computer Machinery. In October, Critchfield and Quiner presented the paper at the Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services conference at Indiana University.

Paul Friedlander, Music Industry, presented the paper "You Say You Have a Revolution: The Web and the Future of Music Delivery" to the International Association for the Study of Popular Music annual conference held at UCLA in October.

Jon Hooper, Recreation and Parks Management, presented a paper, "DEATH! Interpreting the Facts and Fallacies of Wildlife Survival," at the 1998 National Association for Interpretation annual meeting held in October in Anchorage, Alaska. The paper focused on approaches to teaching people about factors that limit wildlife populations.

Judith Kerrins, Educational Administration and Leadership, presented two papers at the 1st Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, United Kingdom in July. "Getting Real with Student Learning and Assessments: the Educational `Walk and Talk' Experience" describes the new master's exam in the Education Administration program. "Developing Reflective Practices: Using Rubrics to Improve Student Learning and Performance" was presented with a colleague. Scholars from the United States, England, Ireland, and Europe participated in discussions about teaching and learning. Kerrins received a Summer Scholar Grant to support her efforts.

Michael Leitner, Recreation and Parks Management, was a keynote speaker at the World Leisure and Recreation Association Seminar in Jerusalem in September. He presented "The Role of Leisure Counseling for Special Populations in Facilitating Successful Adjustment to Life in the Community." The purpose of the seminar was to draft a document for submittal to UNESCO for worldwide adoption and implementation.

Frank Li, English, presented the paper "What Happens to Morphology in Language Obsolescence? The Case of Oroqen" at the Chicago Linguistics Society's annual conference held in Chicago. The paper is co-authored with Lindsay J. Whaley of Dartmouth College. The systematic patterns identified in their paper corroborate hypotheses in the literature about the restructuring and re-arrangement of morphological structures of a language that is undergoing obsolescence.

Becky Cox White, Philosophy, presented the plenary paper "Ethical Issues Faced by American Nurses" at the Second Annual National Conference of Chinese Nursing Ethics in Dalian, China, in October.

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