6th FAD Best Yet: 450 Dozen Cookies and 1,473 Students

Mary Killingsworth, Enrollment Management, assists a student and
his parents at Freshman Admissions Day. (photo Jeff Teeter)
The Freshman Admission Day held for prospective students on November 14 was a huge success by all counts: The weather was gorgeous, approximately 4,000 parents and students visited campus, and 1,473 students were enrolled.

This event represents the cooperation of faculty and staff across campus, with Linda MacMichael and Wendy Needels of Admissions, producing the affair. Bob Hannigan, vice provost for Enrollment Management said, "I do not think another campus in the CSU gets the cooperation that we do to put this program together. The results of that cooperation are superb. The feedback from students and parents is overwhelmingly positive."

The 1,473 students compares with 1,297 last year for a 13 percent increase. The important characteristic of these enrollees is that they have a 70 percent show-up rate. An additional program on that day, on-the-spot admission at Chico and Pleasant Valley High Schools helped the overall numbers.


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