CSU, Chico’s Impact on Regional Economy Profiled

California State University, Chico's Center for Economic Development (CED) recently published Northeastern California: A Regional Profile that includes the first detailed look at the university's impact on the twelve-county area.

The seventy-two-page report, published in December, includes trends, current conditions and forecasts for the eleven major areas of industry for the region, along with demographics of the population.

The report is a comprehensive study of CSU, Chico's role and reach in the region, including economic impact analysis and a list of community resources.

CED estimates the direct and indirect benefits of CSU, Chico to the region during the 1997-98 academic year to be $379 million. The amount includes university payroll ($95.6 million), university spending ($150.5 million), student spending ($126.5 million), and visitor spending ($7.2 million).

CED projects the total economic benefit of CSU, Chico to the region at about $410 million for 1998-99.

"It's accepted that the university has a significant impact on the region's economy, but the specific facts and figures have not been widely known," said Dan Ripke, director of CED. "We hope that this publication will help increase the public's understanding of the university, in the context of an overall picture of the region's economy."

The report's industry outlook details the twelve-county area's growth in retail and service-oriented businesses and the decline in natural resource industries. In some specific areas, the region experienced a 12 percent increase in agriculture income earnings from 1990 to 1995, and a 5 percent increase in agriculture employment. In construction, income earnings dipped 2.5 percent in that five-year period, and employment dropped 14.9 percent. Manufacturing income rose 3.7 percent, but employment was down 11 percent.

The Center for Economic Development is a community outreach organization that provides technical expertise, research and economic development planning to twenty northern counties in California. CED receives funding from the Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration, with matching funds provided by CSU, Chico.

CED publishes county economic and demographic profiles of twenty northern counties in the region. The regional profile is available by contacting CED, x4598.}JW/KM JW/KM

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