Marian Baldy, Agriculture, during 1998 has published "Of Course It's a Course—A Portrait of Chico State's Intro to Wines Class" in American Wine Society Journal; "Are You Ready to Become a Certified Wine Educator? Questions and Answers from the Education Committee" in Society of Wine Educators Chronicle; and "How to Pass the CWE Exam: Advice from the CWEs" in Society of Wine Educators Chronicle.

Frank Li, English, and co-author Lindsay J. Whaley, Dartmouth College, had their refereed journal article titled "Oroqen Dialects'" accepted for publication in the Central Asiatic Journal.

Michele Shover, Political Science, had Black Life in the Sacramento Valley, 1850-1934 published by Max Millard in San Francisco. Her article, "John Bidwell: Reluctant Indian Fighter," appeared in the January issue of the D. Territorial Quarterly.

Awards and Activities

Sue Cottrell, Budget Analysis and Research, gave a workshop presentation to the Financial Officers Association at San Jose State in January at the invitation of the Chancellor's Office. She was recognized for the model practices she developed for the Campus Fee Advisory Committee.

Kathy Fernandes and Laura Sederberg, Technology and Learning Program, presented their on-line training program for WebCT, as it is offered to faculty at CSU,Chico at the New Media Center Regional West Conference at Long Beach State in October 1998.

David Kagan, Physics, presented a talk titled "New Physics Degree at Cal State Chico" at the National Winter Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers in Anaheim in January.

Sara Trechter, English, presented a paper titled "`When the White Men Came, There Were More Tornadoes': Discursive (dis)Harmony of Conflicting Beliefs in Lakhota" at the December meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Philadelphia. The paper was a contribution to a panel considering "Dynamic Discourse in the Service of Culture Change and Representation."

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