Human Geneticists on Campus

Three speakers from the Center for Human Genetics at Case Western Reserve University have been on campus since yesterday to particpate in the lecture series "Advances in Human Genetics" as part of the President's Visiting Scholar Program.

On Wednesday, March 3, Case Western Reserve professor Terry Hassold was part of a forum titled "Assisted Reproductive Technologies," which included philosophy professor Robert Stewart and religious studies professor Kate McCarthy. Hassold's area of research is the origin and etiology of human chromosome abnormalities.

At noon on Thursday, March 4, Case Western Reserve professor Huntington Willard will present "Medical Genetics in the 21st Century" at Enloe Hospital. Willard will also present a lecture titled "Structure and Function of Natural and Artificial Chromosomes" at 7 p.m. in Ayres 106.

Willard has written numerous papers on human molecular genetics, and in 1997 helped create the first human artificial chromosome. He has served as a committee member for the Human Genome Organization.

On Friday, March 5, Case Western Reserve professor Patricia Hunt will present "The Human Maternal Age Effect: New Insights from Studies of Human and Mouse Oocytes." The lecture will be held at 4 p.m. in Holt Hall, room 171.

In 1990, Hunt received the prestigious National Institutes of Health First Award, an award of $500,000 given to a new promising scientist. Since then she has received grants from the American Cancer Society and the March of Dimes to continue her work on human oocytes.

The President's Visiting Scholar Program brings distinguished scholars to CSU, Chico. It is designed to allow students to learn from and interact with visiting scholars and give faculty members opportunities to share ideas with leading colleagues from other universities.

For more information, call Biological Sciences chair Michael Abruzzo at 530-898-5356.


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