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For articles on a particular aspect of teaching and learning, contact LLP Coordinator Elizabeth Renfro (Holt 121; ext. 6319). If you have articles on teaching and learning to share, please send us copies or full citations so we can add them to the LLP library.
The Writing Process

Successful revision includes two basic actions: first, re-seeing (re-visioning) the piece of writing, and then re-writing that piece, based on what the author's re-seeing has revealed.

But, of course, it's not that simple. For one thing, the process is neither tidy nor linear (one draft, revised draft, and voila! gorgeous finished manuscript). When we design assignments to allow for cycles of revision, we invite our students to join in the active business of the academic community: thinking, discussing, rethinking, researching, and yet again rethinking. Writing that results from such a process is writing in which learning occurs and which is more interesting to read.
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_______ "Promoting Motivation and Learning." Discusses extrinsic rewards vs. intrinsic satisfaction, learning and grading orientations, and ways to motivate students.

_______ "Coping with Student Resistance to Critical Thinking: What the Psychotherapy Literature Can Tell Us." Authors "discuss some settings that inhibit learning that are similar to both [psychotherapy] and the teaching of critical thinking [and] suggest procedures for handling such obstacles."

_______ "Practical Proposals for Motivating Students." Overview of theories of motivation and specific applications to in-class activities, exams and papers, grading, and conferencing.

_______ Excerpt from "Theory and Resistance in Education." Explains resistant theory as a way to understand "complex ways in which subordinate groups experience educational failure—so that educators can be more precise about what resistance actually is and what it isn't."

_______ "Writing as a Process" Bibliography.

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