Joe Crotts, Library Access Services, published "Subject Usage and Funding of Library Monographs" in the June 1999 issue of the journal College & Research Libraries, Vol. 60, No. 3.

David Heinze, Accounting and Management Information Systems, and Scott Sibary and Andrew Sikula, Management, had "Relationships Among Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Soundness, and Investment Value in 22 Manufacturing Industry Groups" accepted for publication in the December 1999 issue of the refereed publication Ethics and Behavior, Vol. 9, No. 4.

Mark Levine and Andrew Sikula, Management, had their article "A Decade of Corporate Ethical Leadership" accepted for publication in the June issue of the Ethics & Critical Thinking Journal. A presentation based on the article was invited to the 1999 Annual Writers' Conference in Madrid, in December.

Ben Martz, Accounting and Management Information Systems, had his paper, "A Discussion of Process Losses in Group Support Systems: Suggested Ground Rules for the Electronic Environment," accepted for presentation and publication in Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Business Information Systems in Pozan, Poland, in April.

Miriam Monges, Sociology and Social Work and Center for Multiculture and Gender Studies, had her manuscript, "Candace Rites Programs: The Cultural Context as Empowerment," accepted for publication in the June 2000 issue of the Journal of Black Studies.

Awards and Activities

Jean Gallagher, Art and Art History, has a solo exhibition, Moondial, at the Redding Museum of Art, now through June 6. Her multi-media installation includes photo-light sculptures, slide projections of the phases of the moon, and a 10_by_12-foot painted replication of the moondial at Queens' College, Cambridge, England.

Cris Guenter, Education, gave a two-hour presentation and workshop on Celtic knotwork at the National Art Education Association Conference in Washington, D.C., in March.

Terence Kato, Geosciences, will present a paper co-authored with M. W. Martin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and W. Sharp, University of California, Berkeley, titled "Exhumation of the Western Series Subduction Complex in the Coastal Range of Chile: Possible Similarities to Deeper Structural Levels of the Franciscan?" at the centennial meeting of the Geological Society of America, Cordilleran Section, at the University of California, Berkeley in June.

Grants and Contracts

Jim Fletcher, director, Survey Research Center, received $9,277 from M & H Associates, owner of the North Valley Plaza for "Marketing Strategies for the North Valley Plaza Survey Project." SRC will conduct a telephone survey of 400 respondents about the types of business uses they would like to see in the North Valley Plaza Mall.

Patricia Parker, Biological Sciences, received $16,653 from the Foundation for Microbiology for "CSU, Chico Microbiology Summer Workshop for High School Science Teachers." A Summer Workshop for up to twenty high school science teachers will be held to provide background and experiences in teaching microbiology.

Fred Brooks, Department of Recreation and Parks Management, received $2,000 from the Lassen National Forest for "Marketing Plan for Lassen and Plumas Counties for the Lassen National." The Department of Recreation and Parks Management will design and develop promotional materials about recreational opportunities and facilities in Lassen and Plumas Counties for the Lassen National Forest.

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