CSU, Chico at the 1999 Government Technology Conference

During the week of May 10-14, the Sacramento Convention Center will host the 1999 California Government Technology Conference (aka GTC: Solutions for State and Local Government in the Information Age). This annual conference is a trade show for business, industry, and higher education to showcase their technology, information, communications resources, and a wide array of other computer-based services and products.

California State University, Chico—long a leader in computing, technology, information services, media production, and distance education—has been an exhibitor at the GTC since 1992. These efforts have involved the joint commitment of the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Instructional Media Center, in line with our efforts to develop grant opportunities and contracts with the State of California. In previous years, our participation at the GTC has led to successful contacts (and contracts) with agencies who wish to work with our faculty, students, and staff on projects of mutual interest.

This year, our office, together with the Instructional Media Center, will again host a booth at the GTC to highlight the many campus programs, services, and resources of interest to the State of California. We will offer a Web-based marketing effort, with on-line capability back to campus Web sites that describe the kinds of programs, expertise, services, and products we can provide in this era of "Electronic Government":

• Instructional Media Center (Information Resources)

• Web CT Training Opportunities (Information Resources)

• Communications & Networking (Communications Services)

• Information Services Support (Computer Science & Communications Services)

• Web Design & Development (numerous departments, centers, and the TLP)

• Survey Research Center (School of Graduate, International, and Sponsored Programs)

• Marketing & Public Information (Public Relations)

• Geographic Information Center (Geography and Planning)

• Center for Collaborative Problem Solving (College of Business)

• Center for Economic Development (School of Graduate, International, and Sponsored Programs)

• Contracting with the CSU, Chico Research Foundation

CSU, Chico has been the only institution of higher education to market and promote its services to the state in this way. Both CSU, Sacramento and UC, Davis have had booths representing their continuing education programs, but CSU, Chico is the only campus in California to offer a comprehensive overview of technology and information services from across its campus.

California State University, Chico, building on its many successes in distance education, technology and learning, computer science, information resources, Web-based programming, and related areas, distinguishes itself through participation in this conference.

Other vendors who present at the GTC include IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, NEC, Sisco Systems. I think they are in very good company.

Robert J. Bakke

Office of Sponsored Programs

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