Bristow: 1998 Outstanding Staff Employee

A very surprised and pleased Kathleen Bristow
accepts the Outstanding Staff Employee of the
Year Award
Kathleen Bristow, 1998 Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year, has been a member of the campus community for over twenty-seven years. Letters of support that describe her include these comments:

" and innovative ways of accommodating student needs."

"...a critical link between the university and the community."

"...a genuine concern and empathy, as well as commitment, to assisting students in achieving their goals."

In the Financial Aid Office and, more recently, with the Career Planning and Placement Office, Kathleen has shared her expertise with students, listened to their needs, and offered creative solutions. She has built a significant reputation with students and alumni as a person who cares about individuals and is highly skilled in career placement. She works with the students in the humanities and social sciences to help them unravel the intricacies of the career search process.

Kathleen has recently taken on the role of Web manager for Career Planning and Placement. Her design of the homepage for Career Planning and Placement received national recognition with the Gold Award for Internet Excellence.

In addition to her full-time job, Kathleen also finds time to serve the university in other ways. As a human interest reporter for Sandstorm, the student affairs newsletter, she provides insight about her colleagues in student services.

Kathleen's service extends to her leadership in the University Incentive Grant Awards and her tenure as president of the Professional Development Committee. She is continually reaching out to instructors, campus clubs, and associations to present information about services available through the Career Planning and Placement Office.

Kathleen Bristow is an outstanding professional and an excellent resource for the campus community!

Bill Allen, President, Staff Council

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