Charles M. Price, Political Science, had an article, "U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Initiatives," published in the May, 1999 issue of California Journal.

Becky White, Philosophy, and Joel Zimbelman, Religious Studies, had five peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication in the May 1999 issue of The Journal of Professional Nursing, published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The entire issue is devoted to the focused series of articles by the two authors: "Why Nurses Need to Think About Assisted Suicide," White and Zimbelman; "The Moral Appeal to Assisted Suicide in End-of-Life Decisions," White and Zimbelman; "Legal Decisions and Public Opinion Informing the Debate on Assisted Suicide," Zimbelman; "Assisted Suicide and Nursing: Possibly Compatible," White; and "Changing the Present Legal Prohibitions on Assisted Suicide Is a Bad Idea," Zimbelman.

Grants and Contracts

Donald Holtgrieve, Geography and Planning, received $32,270 from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for "Butte Creek Watershed Coordinator Assistant Project" and $187,128 from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation for "Butte Creek & McAmis Protection and Restoration Project."

Jack McKenna, Management, received $8,000 from the Prison Industry Authority to maintain the M.B.A. capstone projects.

Lisa Stallings, Agriculture, received $2,345 from the Oregon State University Agricultural Research Foundation for "Biological Control of Scaptomyza apicalis Hardy on Meadowfoam (Limnathese alba)."

Dan Toy, Finance and Marketing, received $4,000 from the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching to implement his proposal "Creating a Center of Excellence: The COB Marketing Department."

Awards and Achievements

Jim Connolly, Gail Corbitt, and Ben Martz, Accounting and Management Information Systems, had their paper "Managing a Team of Teams: Lessons Learned" accepted for presentation at the Sixth Annual Conference of Education Innovation in Economics and Business in Bergen, Norway, in June.

Richard Davis, Shekhar Misra, and Stuart VanAuken, Finance and Marketing, presented their paper "Marketing Alumni: Pedagogical Preferences and Attitudes" at the Conference of Western Marketing Educators in Palm Springs. Their paper was the runner-up paper of the conference. WMEA officers elected for 1999_2000 include Van Auken, vice president and program co-chair, and Davis, secretary-treasurer.

Bill Evans, Kathy Fernandes, and Laura Sederberg, Technology and Learning Program, gave presentations at the CSU conference of the Consortium of Academic Technology Staff in San Marcos in March. Fernandes presented "Multimedia to Enhance Learning" and "Web Course Tools: WebCT," and was part of the team which presented "A Distributed Collaborative Project: A Case Study of CATS '99 Planning"; Evans presented "Collaboration: The Art of Document Sharing" and "Using MERLOT to Support Instruction, Build Community, and Foster Collaboration"; Sederberg presented "Project Profiles: Instructional Support Websites," and "Web Course Tools: WebCT."

Greg Tropea, Philosophy, gave the closing keynote talk, "Management Philosophy: Of the Sharp Stick and the Bottomless Well," at the conference "Decision Modeling and Management Philosophy: Bridging Cultures East and West for the 21st Century," hosted by the Management Society of Ireland, in Dublin, in January.

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