Computer-Based Training Titles Available to Campus

Computer-Based Training (CBT) provides hundreds of opportunities for faculty to incorporate computer training into their curriculum, and for staff and faculty to develop their computer skills.

The CSU Chancellor's Office entered into a three-year contract with CBT to provide 650 technology courses worth $550,000. This opportunity provides self-paced training from basic to highly technical, which can be used in offices or home computers.

Users will be guided through different levels of training modules for titles ranging from Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), MS Outlook, and Internet use (Netscape, Internet Explorer) to technical titles such as Cisco, Novell, or NT Administration. CBT is a Web-based application that can be accessed by going to Questions can be directed to User Services at x6000.

User Services will continue to offer Information Technology Training workshops. Listings are available on e-mail, in monthly flyers, and at the IT training Web page at http://training. While some workshops will be enhanced or replaced by the use of CBT, it will not remove the need for hands-on, face-to-face training.

Currently, computer-based training is not available for Macintosh computers, but CBT is developing titles for the Mac, and some are expected to be available in the fall.

Faculty have begun incorporating CBT titles into their curriculum. For example, instead of spending class time on basic Excel, faculty members can assign the beginning Excel CBT course as homework. Specialty titles such as Cisco, Oracle, NT, and SAP can also be used as a resource for students. Faculty wishing to incorporate CBT into their curriculum or into WebCT can get more information by contacting the Technology and Learning Program, x6167.

Computer-based training is quickly becoming a mainstream learning resource for universities and corporations because it allows for quick and easy professional development opportunities.

Dan Crozier, Communications Services/Vicky Banes, Information Resources

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