Susan Gardner and Pamela Johnson, Management, had "Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Developing a Company Response" accepted for publication in Journal of Management Development, Vol. 18, 1999.

Susan Gardner and Marc Siegall, Management, had their paper "Contextual Factors of Psychological Empowerment" accepted for publication by Personnel Review in 2000.

Julie Indvik and Pamela Johnson, Management, had their article "Rebels, Criticizers, Backstabbers, and Busybodies: Anger and Aggression at Work" accepted for publication in the journal Public Personnel Management.

Walt Schafer, Sociology and Social Work, and Dan Toy, Finance and Marketing, had "Managers are Dealing with Stress—and Thriving!" published in the June 1999 issue of Public Management, Vol. 81, No. 6.

Grants and Contracts

Victoria Bernhardt, director, Education for the Future Project, received $275,000 from Southwest Bell Foundation for "Education for the Future" and $200,000 from the Western Educational Labs for "West Ed Continuation Funding."

Terry Curtis, Communication Design, received $12,000 from Bellcore Technologies for "Spring Buy-Out Project."

Rebekah Damazo, School of Nursing, received $2,970 from the California Health Collaborative Foundation for "Breast Cancer Educational Outreach Project."

Patricia Delwiche, Lisa Stallings, College of Agriculture, and Fred Thomas, CSU, Chico alum, received $74,540 from the California Department of Food and Agriculture for "French Prunes Cover Crop Project," which studied potassium deficiency. [Note: This award was inadvertently credited only to Patricia Delwiche and incorrectly stated as $23,610 in the May 6 issue.]

Awards and Activities

Eric Adams, Facilities Management and Services, received a Governor's Employee Safety Award in August for his pesticide management program that eliminated toxic pesticides and replaced them with environmentally safer organic products. Adams was one of only a handful of people statewide to receive the award for promoting employee safety in the prior year.

Susan Gardner, Management, received an award for the Enhancement of Instruction from the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for her proposal "Development of Computer-Aided and Case Simulation Collective Bargaining Module for Labor Law."

Michael Gillis, History, was the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Forest Landowners of California in spring 1999. The title of his presentation was "A Human History of the Forests of Northern California."

Stephen King, College of Communication and Education, was appointed to serve a three-year term simultaneously on the Board of Directors of Far West Labs and on the Board of Directors of WestEd (which combined Far West Labs and Southwest Regional Labs) through May 2002.

Sara Trechter, English, gave the keynote address "The Limits of Change: Ideology and Gendered Pragmatics in Lakhota" at the 2nd Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara in May.

P. Willey, Anthropology, will speak on "Advances and Complexities in Estimating Stature from Whole Bones and Body Portions" at the Smithsonian Institution-Central Identification Laboratory's conference on "Advances in Personal Identification in Mass Disasters" in Honolulu in November. The work is supported in part by a CSU Research Award.

Management Information Systems faculty received an award in Recognition of Outstanding Commitment to Developing High Quality Learning Environments In and Outside of the Classroom from the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. The prestigious $5,000 award was based on examples of ongoing projects and their relationship to the "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education" as posited by Chickering and Gamson.

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